The first dog to read
2016-10-10 11:37:42
What kind of dog should be the first dog to buy it, this is the first question to consider a friend's friend, because it is directly related to the well-being of you and the dog's life. Here are some of our suggestions, to give us a reference:
1, select the size of the dog
This is based on the owner can provide the dog with the feeding space and the purpose of feeding and local government departments to decide. If there is a larger breeding space, and are ready to be used as a guard dog or working dog, the local government departments have no restrictions on the provision of large dogs, you can raise large and medium-sized dogs. If the breeding space is small, the local government also limits the breeding of large dogs, it can only be a small dog. If you do not take into account the actual situation, according to their own preferences, then there will certainly be a lot of trouble.
2, choose puppies or adult dogs
Choose the puppy is good puppies can quickly adapt to the new environment, to establish a good relationship with the host; the deficiency is a dog life ability is poor, difficult to raise, to care, but also easy to get sick. While adult dogs living ability, worry and effort, especially a trained dog is so; but the adult dogs is not easy to establish a good relationship with the new owner, to win its trust but also great strength.
3, long haired dogs or short haired dogs
Spaniel elegant beautiful, attractive, but you have to spend a lot of time to finish it up, otherwise it will be hair tangled together, not only the appearance of indecent, the dog will feel very uncomfortable. So, if you're busy, you'd better have a different breed of dog. Short haired dogs although not so beautiful long hair dog, but also has its own characteristics, the most important thing is no need to spend a lot of time to sort it by mao.
4, dogs or bitches.
From the people's feelings, male and female dog is the same, but from the character that the dog is resolute, fighting strong, lively, not docile, training is also time consuming bitch. Although the female gentle, easy to tune, but 2 times a year and at estrus and mating will increase a lot of trouble. However, if the sale is born female dog owners to increase income. In addition, if you do not want to let the dog family, should be sterilized.
5, the selection of pure breed dogs or hybrid dogs
If the reproduction or attend a show for the purpose of economic conditions permit, should choose purebred dogs. Because dogs can not participate in a variety show, and from being recognized, its value is not high breed puppies. If to guard the house or to keep a dog with their dogs, you can choose. Low price of hybrid dogs, easy to feed.
Whether it is a pure breed or a hybrid dog, the dog is the best friend of our human beings. No matter what choices we make at the end, we should take care of them all the same.

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