A dog should be prepared for the dog
2016-10-10 11:44:34
Many of your pet's friends know that it's not enough to keep a pet. Here are a few of the things that you need to use in daily life!
Mattress: good mattress is equal to rest and sleep well, for a comfortable mattress is crucial to the dog. Dog beds available include wicker bed, bed and plastic cloth bed.
The wicker basket with long bed: plant rattan woven, upholstered inside some of the bottom. A bed surrounded by ventilation, summer is cool, but easy to become the object of rattan boring or angry dog vent, gnawed and damaged, at the same time slot more difficult to clean.
Plastic bed: made of plastic into a variety of size of the basin, while slightly low or a gap to facilitate the dog out. Plastic bed is not easy to damage, easy to clean, but relatively hard, need to add a soft cushion to increase comfort.
Cloth bed: cotton and sponge as the basic material, made into a dome shaped, can effectively wind, good thermal insulation, suitable for autumn and winter use, but easy to dirty, difficult to open the cleaning. To choose the slightly larger than the size of the dog bed, left turning roll space for the dog, but also put blankets inside. The dog is divided into bedding mattresses and quilts, clothing can be purchased or used restructuring. Bedding face removable, resistant to washing. There is also a bean bag set for a bed, mattress, soft, lightweight, heat insulation, resistant to washing.
Dog food tableware: tableware pot and kettle. The bowl is made of plastic, ceramic or stainless steel. Plastic basin quality easy overturned, but the price is cheap; ceramic pots beautiful health, but fragile; durable stainless steel basin, the base can prevent the aggravation of upset, but the price is more expensive. Generally can be used as a bowl of water bowls, but also buy two bowls, a food, a water. There are also two of the food bowl to sell. The size and shape of the basin should be determined according to the size and shape of the nose.
The kettle is drinking utensils: dogs, with water nipple type, can prevent water pollution by the dog, ready to provide fresh and sanitary drinking water, can also be hung in the cage or fence.
Toiletries: reasonable daily grooming can keep the dog style. The two part toiletries utensils and bath appliance components. Working with a stiff brush, comb, comb, scissors, metal hound gloves and nail clippers. Hard brush, hound gloves, metal comb are suitable for short haired dogs, dog hair, long haired dogs, according to dog hair selection.

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